Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Cheese Sauce Instant Mix Sell Sheet

Foothill Farms® Cheese Sauce Instant Mix is a palatable, universally-popular cheese profile that finishes with a pleasing Cheddar note. Preparation is quick and easy.

Cheese Sauce Sell Sheet

Expand your menu options with our delicious & easy to prepare (just add water) dry cheese sauce mixes! Make your customers happy while cutting food & labor costs.

Chicken Flavor Gravy Instant Mix Sell Sheet

Menu classic comfort foods easily with Foothill Farms® Chicken Flavor Gravy Instant Mix. A blend of lively roast-chicken flavor, onion, mushroom flavoring, herbs and spices that has a hearty rich taste and creamy mouth feel that until now only made-from-scratch possessed.

Chicken Flavored Stuffing Mix T505-C8007 Sell Sheet

A savory blend of herbs, seasonings, and flavorful breadcrumbs, this delicious menu-enhancer looks and tastes like home-made.

Chicken Flavored Stuffing Mix T540_C8007 Sell Sheet

This delicious menu-enhancer has a savory blend of herbs, seasonings and golden tan colored breadcrumbs with a toasted note. 

Chili Seasoning Mix Sell Sheet

Make thick and hearty seasoned chili with a rich but mild Southwestern Style flavor from our own unique blend of spices.

Chocolate Mousse Mix Sell Sheet

Our versatile Foothill Farms® Chocolate Mousse Instant Mix is a light, decadent dessert, with the added benefit of being a convenient, easy-to-use dry blend you mix with heavy whipping cream to create a smooth and creamy chocolate mousse. Great alternative to ice cream, icing or custard.

Cilantro Lime Rice Seasoning Mix Sell Sheet

It takes two to tango and this pair does it in style with a refreshing escape from the usual. The adventurous duo of crisp, chopped cilantro entwined with a juicy splash of tropical lime takes white or brown rice new places.

Classic Alfredo Creamy Parmesan Mix Sell Sheet

Foothill Farms® Classic Alfredo Sauce Creamy Parmesan Instant Mix is a creamy sauce that will take you to Parma, Italy. This classic blend of Parmesan cheese and butter embodies the richness Alfredo is famous for, without all the fat and calories.

Classic Red Enchilada Sauce Mix Sell Sheet

The heart and soul of Latin cuisine reveals itself in this tantalizing original. Just like sauces simmering in colorful Mexican kitchens, this popular, mild classic is made the traditional way with sweet tomatoes.

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