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Foothill Farms® Creates Menus to Help K-12 Foodservice Follow Federal Nutritional Guidelines

K-12 foodservice is challenged daily with putting together menus that comply with new USDA federal guidelines for school lunch. Foothill Farms®, a dry-blend food company, has invested thousands of dollars to help foodservice professionals plan healthy, tasteful menus that will not be untouched and thrown away by students. With the help of Lunchline, Inc., a consulting firm out of California, Foothill Farms® developed 20 days of complete lunch meals including sides and meal patterns.

Using social media, daily meals were released every Tuesday. Now you are able to download the full calendar of meals


Lunch Tray Tuesday - Helping Schools Plan Healthy Lunch Menus

“School cafeterias are facing criticism from parents and lawmakers,” said Luann Schafer, senior marketing manager. “We want to support foodservice professionals and help them in any way that we can. Our hope is that connecting with them via social media will allow them to examine new recipes on their own time this summer and fall. Another hope is for parents to see how nutritional school lunch is for their kids and get them to support their child’s school lunch program.” Chipotle Tacos, Mexican Pinwheels, Chicken Alfredo Flatbread and Beef Broccoli are a few examples of what is on the monthly menu. The menu includes a variety of ethnic specialties, regional classics and kid favorites.

Foothill Farms® has released more than a week's worth of recipes and nutritional analysis summaries. They will continue releasing a daily menu every Tuesday for five months. Every Tuesday is different and they never repeat the main entrée. The meal is complete with main entrée, sides, low fat milk, meal pattern and nutritionals (calories, sodium, fat and sat fat). The complete meal is photographed and posted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The main entree recipe is also linked to the image.

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