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Beef & Bean Enchiladas
Our version of beef and pinto bean enchiiadas offers all the comfort and bold flavor of traditional enchiladas with all the nutrition and flavor. Meal components: 2.5 oz M/MA, 1 oz eq whole grain, 1/8 cup vegetable

Beef Enchilada Empanadas
These delicious pastry shells are filled with ground beef, cheese and spices and then baked to perfection to create a flavorful meal.

Cheesy Enchilada Sauce
Top a grilled beef hot dog with spicy melty cheese seasoned with enchilada sauce, add grilled onions and peppers and wrap in a tortilla or serve on a bun.

Chili Ketchup
Add flavor to shrimp, fries or onion rings with this flavorful chili-spiked ketchup.

Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup
This Southwestern inspired recipe takes the flavor of enchiladas and turns it into a hearty soup that is loaded with chicken, veggies, and Foothill Farms Enchilada Sauce.

Enchilada Sauce Pizza
A Mexican inspired pizza with all of the chile and cheesy chicken goodness of an enchilada.

Fiesta Lime Fry Seasoning
Combine our Enchilada sauce and salt over French fries to enjoy a Southwestern seasoning with a zesty taste of lime.

Mini Peirogie Enchiladas
One serving provides 2 oz M/MA, 1.5 oz Whole Grain-Rich

Spicy Great Northern Beans
Spice up Great Northern Beans with our Enchilada Sauce Mix.