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Chicken Enchilada Bowl
Each prepared bowl contributes 2 oz M/MA, 2 oz G, 0.25 Veg

Chicken Nachos with Mexican Rice
6.6oz serving provides 2oz M/MA, 1oz Whole Grain-Rich, 0.25 cups Red/Orange

Enchilada Sauce Pizza
A Mexican inspired pizza with all of the chile and cheesy chicken goodness of an enchilada.

Mexican Pork Gravy
Spicy gravy that is packed with authentic Mexican flavor.

Mexican Whole Grain Brown Rice
1/2 cup provides 1 oz whole grain

Pico Queso
Warm bechamel is blended with pico de gallo, a Mexican 4-cheese blend & hot sauce to create a delectable queso. Serve with crisp tortilla chips.

Taco Rice
A mild blend of traditional chili powder, Mexican oregano and smoky cumin added to white or brown rice for a smooth, authentic flavor.

Taco Sour Cream
Kick up the flavor of sour cream by adding taco seasoning. Great as a dip and topping for Mexican dishes.